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1986 called, they want their contact lenses back

1986 called, they want their contact lenses back

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It seems like there is a subscription service for just about everything: razors, clothing, stationery, hobbies and even contact lenses. We even offer this service to our patients (click here for more information). One contact lens subscription service you may have seen is Hubble Contacts. They offer a free set of trials and then it is $30 a month to have a months worth of daily lenses shipped to your door. Sounds good right? Not so fast... In the optometry world there is some serious concern over Hubble's contact lenses. "Why is that?" you may ask. Let me give you some background information first.

The cornea is the clear window over the iris, the colored part of the eye. The cornea is clear because it does not have any blood vessels in it, because of this the tissue gets all the oxygen it needs from the air.


When we place a contact lens on the eye it can potentially decrease the amount of oxygen that gets to the cornea. If the cornea does not get enough oxygen it can lead to swelling (which causes hazy, blurred vision), ulcers (very painful sore spots, think of eyelash in eye level pain), and neovascularization (blood vessels growing into the cornea).

Contact lens materials all have a breathability number called Dk. Research has shown that the Dk needs to be 24 or higher to keep the cornea clear and happy. The most comfortable daily lenses on the market today have a Dk of about 110. The material Hubble lenses are made from has a Dk of 18! Despite the sleek look of the packaging and branding, Hubble lenses are made out of a material that was introduced in 1986! These were some of the first monthly disposable lenses, and those lenses have been discontinued within the last few years.

 Sometimes it can be a little easier to understand when we compare contact lenses to cell phones. Daily lenses are like the newest smart phone and your monthly or two week lenses are like a flip phone. Both phones make calls, but the technology is very different. In this seneario Hubble lenses are not even a cell phone they are a landline!

Phones from 1986, a flip phone and the new iPhone X

If you are wanting to try a daily contact lens there are affordable lenses which are made from a much more comfortable and healthy material then what Hubble offers. Schedule an appointment with one of our doctors and they would be happy to help you see clearly and comfortably with your contact lenses

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